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Anthony James - Choosing The Right Estate Agent

With so many estate agents, it can be difficult to know which one to instruct. Choosing Anthony James Estate Agents who  can make the difference between getting a really good price, and not selling your house at all.

If you decide to look at an online estate agent, you will find many of the sites will be offering different packages, making it even more difficult to know what will suit you best.

Anthony James Estate Agents provide an online valuation followed by a home visit to confirm. Simply Call Tel:0208 1087148


Local Estate Agent Anthony James  vs Online Estate Agents

A growing number of websites allow people to sell their properties online, which begs the question - are there any benefits from using a traditional high street estate agent?

Most people want only two things - as little hassle as possible and maximising their sale price. While the popularity of online estate agents is on the rise, it's unlikely it will lead to the end of the traditional high street estate agent in the near future.

To organise a free home valuation by a full time employee of Anthony James simply call Tel: 0208 1087148

All employees of Anthony James Estate Agents have a number of years experience in the local Erith property market, which allows you the peace of mind that your being dealt with a full time employee and not a freelance surveyor

Anthony James Estate Agents provide an online valuation followed by a Free home visit to confirm. Simply Call Tel:0208 1087148

Anthony James

Check out our helpful comparison below before making your choice Of Estate Agents 

Anthony James Local Estate Agents


Local Experience

A high street estate agent based locally to Erith can advise clients on the value of their property with an extensive knowledge of the local area and property prices. They will generally have a track record of selling houses similar to your own and testimonials from people living in the local community. You will have face to face access to your agent and additional marketing of your property via an individual shop window or a number of local branches.


Local Contacts

A local estate agent will generally have ties to the local community, in addition to marketing your property on the online portals they will use a multitude of different local advertising techniques.

Handle Potential Buyers

A good local agent will also weed out unsuitable prospective purchasers and time wasters, who may not be in a position to purchase a property. They can anticipate any questions from buyers that may delay a swift sale and advise accordingly.


There are very few disadvantages except cost, but a cheaper price does not always represent value for money. A traditional high street estate agent will generally be paid on completion not up front as many online agents require. If the agent can’t sell your house, you won’t be paying any fees!

Online Estate Agencies


Hours of Business

The Internet doesn’t shut up shop at 5pm. When you are selling your home online, you can do things at a time that suits you, such as arranging viewings in the evening, rather than having to wait until office hours. Most online companies are able to offer a flat fee package, which includes an advert, photos, managed listings, 12-months of marketing, a floor plan and a valuation.


There can be large cost savings, but you must remember you will be doing a lot of the work yourself.

Not "Face to Face"

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in your lifetime. When considering making a purchase of this nature, most people like to deal face to face with ‘real people’. Some online agencies are able to offer 24-hour call centres and live chat facilities and this is going some way to overcoming this problem.

Less Traditional

Some people will be keener to go online, while others will prefer the more traditional face-to-face model of the high street estate agents.

Anthony James Can Offer You the Best of Both Worlds

The good news is there is now a third option, which can offer you the very best of both worlds!

At Anthony James you will benefit from all the advantages of using a local high street agent with expert local knowledge, qualifications, a proven track record and the highest level of customer service. When it comes to cost, you will be surprised to learn that you can benefit from competitive flat fee packages with no hidden costs.

Anthony James can offer you the best of using a high street agent with all the cost advantages of an online service.

Our Dartford and Welling branches are open until late, even on Sundays and you will find our extended opening hours are a huge advantage when selling a property.

Estate Agents Erith - Anthony James - Providing Excellence & Stress Free Service Every Day - Simply Call Tel:0208 1087148 To Sell Your Property

Anthony James
Anthony James Welling Office

Anthony James Estate Agents & Local Solicitors

At the time that you appoint an estate agent is without doubt the time that you should instruct a solicitor.Appoint a solicitor sooner rather than later.

Ask Your agent if they know of any solicitors that they trust. They will have really good knowledge of solicitors that can work for you in an efficient and time saving manner.

The key then is to get your solicitor to produce contracts in readiness to send out immediately you have a buyer.
Also, your solicitor will enable any potential problems to be brought to light in advance of a sale being agreed, thus enabling a smooth  and less stressful  conveyancing journey

Dorcas Funmi Solicitors
12 Brook St, Erith DA8 1JQ
01322 335005

Bloomfield Solicitors
The Thames Innovation Centre, 2 Veridion Way, Erith DA18 4AL
020 8320 1260

Tired of sky-high fees and hidden costs? Gain control by selecting the service you need and save £thousands with our simple transparent fee policy.

We look after advertising, leaving you to host viewings and settle a price.


Expert valuation plus in-depth insights into the local market.


We will introduce your property to the market with no contract tie in period and no upfront fees.


We craft accurate descriptions that generate maximum interest.


Specialist photography shows your property in its best light.


We display your property on the most effective online property portals.


We are open to receive enquires on your property 24/7.


High street advertising is still crucial for attracting genuine buyers.


Most potential buyers are local, making a ‘For Sale’ sign an essential tool.


We handle all enquiries and introduce only serious buyers to you for viewings.


You agree a price with your buyer and we handle the legal set up on your behalf.


Enjoy a free mortgage consultation if required.

We manage your entire sale, saving you time and stress whilst achieving the very best price


Our team will get to understand your individual property and use their expertise to generate better quality leads.


We generate interest even before launching your property, emailing our database and calling buyers.


Advertising across online and high street outlets. Every potential buyer invited to view your property.


Larger adverts and more photos generate 20% more clicks on the UK’s biggest online portal.*


Wide angle lens photography boosts buyers’ interest and increases the perceived value of your property.


20% of buyers won’t view a property without one. Rightmove visitors spend 30% more time on listings with one.**


All viewings are arranged and managed by our team, working carefully around your schedule.


Block/personal viewings, open days – we provide expert, personal guidance for all potential buyers.


We qualify your buyer to help ensure your sale is in safe hands.


Using experience and expertise, our team negotiates the very best price with your buyer.


In this vital process, our experts liaise with solicitors and other agents to ensure your sale proceeds.


We progress your move and keep you updated on all chain details, exchange and completion dates.

* Terms & Conditions apply
** Source: Rightmove.co.uk July 2016

Invest in your advertising:

A bird’s eye view of your home boosts buyer interest, especially for larger properties.£99

Video tours provide a unique preview and ensure only serious buyers view your property.£89

Many buyers decide to buy before even viewing a property. 3D plans aid decision-making for buyers.£45

Traditional but effective way of advertising your property, reaching a unique subset of buyers.Full Page £150
Half Page £75
With many buyers looking for a local property, a targeted leaflet drop can be highly effective.£199
Showcase to potential buyers who cant make your properties launch.£99

Terms and Conditions

Sole agency
Where AJR act on your behalf as your sole agent, you will be liable to pay remuneration to us, in addition to any other costs or charges agreed, if at any time unconditional contracts for the sale of the property are exchanged with a purchaser introduced by us during the period of our sole agency or with whom we had negotiations about the property during that period; or with a purchaser introduced by another agent during that period.. Either party may terminate such a contract by giving 24 hours’ notice in writing. Such notice cannot be served prior to the fourth week of instruction due to this minimum period.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
It is a legal requirement to have commissioned an EPC before marketing can commence on your property. AJR can arrange this for you at a cost of £99 inc VAT.
Sub instruction
AJR reserves the right to sub-instruct other agencies at any time during our agency if we consider that this would be in your best interests. This will not involve any extra costs and all viewings and negotiations will be co-ordinated by AJR.
Fees payable
AJRs’ fees are based on flat fee depending on the service selected.
Responsibility of fees
The responsibility for the payment of fees remains with the party(ies) named on this document. AJR will be entitled to a commission fee if you terminate this contract and go on to sell the property to a purchaser that AJR has introduced within six months of the date AJRs’ instruction ended. However, AJR will give up its rights to any commission fee if a purchaser first introduced by AJR goes on to buy the property through another estate agent in circumstances where that purchaser was introduced by the other estate agent more than six months after AJRs’ instruction ended. If no other estate agent is introduced, this time limit will not apply. There may be a dual fee liability if: a) the seller has previously instructed another agent to sell the same property on a sole agency, joint sole agency or a sole selling rights basis; or b) that seller instructs another agent during or after the period of AJRs’ sole agency or joint sole agency.
Time and payment of fees
All AJR fees become due and payable upon exchange of contracts. However, and at the discretion of AJR, fees may be paid out of completion monies. On signing this document, you are hereby authorising your lawyers to pay our fees out of the sale proceeds.
We reserve the right to charge interest from the date of exchange of contracts on any amounts still outstanding 28 days after AJRs’ fees are first demanded. The prescribed rate of interest shall be 2% above the Bank of England base rate as at the date they are first demanded and payable from that date.
Connected persons
As required by Section 21 of the Estate Agents Act 1979, unless specifically stated otherwise, we are not aware of any personal interest existing between ourselves or anyone in our employ or any connected person(s) and yourself(ves). If you are or become aware of such an interest you should notify AJR immediately.
Related services
A purchaser may wish to instruct us about a related service. AJR does offer such services to purchasers including the following: the sale or rental of this or another property; the provision of financial services via Cardinal Red Financial Services, and management of property. Where this occurs, AJR or its employees may receive a fee. Any commission or other income earned by AJR while carrying out our duties as agent for the sale of the property, for example by referrals to third party EPC suppliers or solicitors, will be retained by AJR
Where you provide us with a set of keys (or authorise us to use keys held by another agent), we may make further copies to facilitate viewings by the instructed office and other offices where appropriate. We will not charge you for this service. AJR’ secure key tag system ensures that third parties cannot identify which property a set of keys belongs to, therefore, in the event that keys are lost or unaccounted for, AJRs’ liability is strictly limited to the cost of cutting a new set of keys.
Complaints procedure
Should you have any problems with AJRs’ service which you are unable to resolve with the Negotiator involved or the branch/department Manager, you should write to the Manager for the area/department in question. This complaint will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt and an investigation undertaken. A formal written outcome of the investigation will be sent to you within 15 working days. If you remain dissatisfied, you should write to the Director of Customer Service (DoCS). The same time limits will apply. Following the DoSC’s investigation, a written statement expressing AJRs’ final view will be sent to you and will include any offer made. This letter will confirm that you are entitled, if dissatisfied, to refer the matter to The Property Ombudsman (TPO) within six months for a review. For the avoidance of doubt, TPO will only review complaints made by consumers.
Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
AJR is subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. As a result we will need to ask you for suitable identification and will be unable to proceed with any work on your behalf if we are unable to obtain this from you.
Data protection and privacy policy
AJR is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and we undertake to comply with the Act in all our dealings with your personal data. We will keep your personal information secure. Occasionally, we may contact you by letter, telephone, email or otherwise to inform you about other products and services we offer. We try to limit this contact to acceptable levels, but if you wish to exercise your right to opt out, simply write to: The Manager of New Business, 2 Bellegrove Road, Welling Kent DA16 3PR
It is a requirement of this agreement that should an offer be agreed privately, or via another estate agent, the seller must disclose to AJR the identity of the purchaser prior to exchange of contracts.The No amendment or variation to this contract will have any contractual effect unless approved in writing by a Director of AJR

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